SurePassID OneCard

Introducing OneCard, the world’s first all-in-one converged security credential for large enterprises and government agencies

As leaders in identity, cloud and mobile security solutions, SurePassID understands the importance of making security simple, convenient and cost-effective. That’s why we developed SurePassID OneCard, the first all-in-one converged security credential. Leveraging our decades of experience with powered smartcards and 1 million units shipped to date, OneCard is a robust credential that makes it easy for enterprises to:

  • Reduce costs by combining logical and physical access credentials with printed ID badges
  • Secure the entire enterprise with a single convenient credential that employees and contractors love
  • Achieve compliance with security and corporate governance requirements

OneCard by SurePassID, the World's First Converged Security Credential

As part of SurePassID’s next-generation identity, cloud and mobile security solutions, OneCard secures every aspect of the enterprise:

  • Domain login (Windows or other)
  • Remote access (VPN)
  • Applications (Secure, compliant access to cloud, mobile and on-premises apps)
  • Physical access (Secure buildings and facilities)
  • Stored value and data
  • And it’s a printable ID badge too!

OneCard is easily configured to work with your existing infrastructure, such as ID badge printers, RFID-based physical access badge readers, and on-premises Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) servers from Vasco, Symantec and other vendors. OneCard configuration options include:

  • ISO 7810 and 7816 compliant card body or thicker
  • Industry standard OATH time-based or event-based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • 6 or 8 digit E-Ink display
  • HID Global Prox or iCLASS antenna for RFID-based physical access
  • PKI smartcard chip including .Net or JavaCard smart chips
  • Magstripe on back
  • Custom graphics or plain white cards for FARGO and other printers
  • Slot punch options available

SurePassID OneCard diagram

For an end-to-end security solution, combine OneCard with SurePassID’s multi-factor authentication server.  It’s the first cloud-based, multi-tenant solution that can be scaled from microcontrollers and smart sensors to internet-wide services that encompass tens of millions of users.

SurePassID OneCard Datasheet

SurePassID OneCard Datasheet

OneCard Datasheet
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